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Jaana Lindström

Jaana Lindström, Executive coach/PCC Certified Coach

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
for CEOs, directors, senior managers, leaders and executives

4Colours offers executive coaching to leaders, CEOs and higher Management under discretion. We map personal resources and development areas and set them in relation to the organisation and business objectives. 4Colours combines executive coaching with business intelligence and strategic foresight. 4Colours competence within executive coaching consists of working with leaders in global contexts having challenging and complex situations, new strategic changes,  and high expectations on results. We help you to be a clear leader with a strong personal brand and communication skills.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching provides one-on-one custom leadership development for senior managers and mid to senior level executives. The reasons for having an executive coach could be different dependent on the needs of the executive and the organisation. It could for example be about having a professional sounding board outside of the company to get new perspectives and constructive feedback, taking on new leadership responsibilities, dealing with complex challenges, motivate and retain direct reports, getting greater impact when communicating to people or achieving high-performance goals. In the executive coaching process we use tools as personal branding, leadership coaching, presentation skills, communication in virtual teams, team development, creative idea development, feedback and assessments, business intelligence and future strategy.

Executive coaching may include a boss-alignment session between the coach, coachee and the supervisor to agree on goals. On-site observations such as shadowing may also be included as well as interviewing peers and direct reports get more extensive feed on behavioural changes and results.

Examples of Executive Coaching

  • To deal with increasing complexity, ambiguity and change
  • Build self-awareness, enabling personal and professional growth and change
  • Identify and address leadership strengths and opportunities for development
  • Career development for the future
  • Building your professional network
  • Executive outplacement coaching
  • Strengthening your personal brand and professional reputation
  • Leadership in virtual, cross-virtual and cross-functional teams
  • Remote leadership – leading a team who don’t share a common location or time zone
  • How to lead remotely with less stress and more effective online meetings
  • Personal efficiency and time management
  • Performance management and giving effective feedback
  • Stakeholder management, coaching leadership and mentoring skills
  • Sharing leadership and delegation skills
  • Stress management and resillient leadership
  • Speaking skills in English/Swedish
  • Cultural knowledge of Sweden and the Nordic countries and communication skills for expats
  • Team building and setting the team’s strategic direction, priorities and actions
  • Resolving conflict management between individuals and groups
  • Change management and turnovers
  • Interpersonal relationships and leadership conversations
  • Board relationships, communication and engagement
  • Personal leadership development

4Colours Executive Outplacement

4Colours offers executive outplacement coaching for senior managers and executives. The goal with the outplacement program or career change is to help the individual to find a new job in line with his or her goals, competencies and needs as fast as possible. We help the individual to process what has happened, making a self-analysis, inventing the competencies, visions and goals in order to take the next career step. We also make a strategic career plan with an analysis of the job market, strengthening the personal brand, expanding the network, active job search, marketing, interview training and marketing to headhunters.

Executive Presentations Skills & Efficient Meetings

Our experience of coaching leadership has shown that many of our clients want to improve their presentation skills as well as conduct better meetings with their teams. Many leaders we meet are already experienced speakers, but need to take their speaking skills to the next level or deal with stressful situations. We help leaders develop, clarify and deliver powerful presentations to groups of any size. The issues in the executive coaching could be:

  • To develop your speaking skills on an advanced level
  • To improve preparations for meetings
  • To  increase impact by engaging presentations
  • To clarify messages to involve people in a change
  • To feel confident in delivering presentations on all levels and for all sizes of audiences
  • To deal with difficult questions and resistance
  • To interact more with the audience
  • To deliver bad news and deal with strong feelings
  • To conduct better meetings and be able to delegate the leadership
  • To get feedback on your communication style and areas for improvement
  • To deal with stage fright

Resilient Leadership is the new skill

Resilience is the ability to handling and bouncing back from adversity and recover from difficult times. Resilient leaders take action that responds to new and unpredictable challenges and it involes self-control, accountability, collaboration and proactivity. Resilience can be developed by reducing stress and responding constructively to difficult events. The issues in the executive coaching could be:

  • How to be a successful resilient leader
  • How to respond to unpredictable challenges in a better way
  • How to be more proactive instead of reacting in times of challenges
  • How to manage stress and practice revitalizing activities
  • How to prepare for challenging events

Remote Leadership is a challenge

One of the biggest challenges that many leaders are facing in global contexts is leading teams remotely and to understand the team dynamics. The issues in the executive coaching could be:

  • How to lead a team who don’t share a common location or time zone
  • How to lead effective online meetings and present ideas at a distance
  • How to lead remotely with less stress
  • How to build trust, be a good listener and coach the team

Personal efficiency and Time management

In times of high complexity and change leaders need to be even more efficient getting things done and to manage time and energy in a more sustainable way. The issues could be:

  • How to manage your email and information overload
  • How to be more focused, less distracted and perform in a more sustainable way
  • How to establish effective habits, identify time wasters and schedule your time to think more strategically
  • How to maintain a meeting discipline and have more productive meetings
  • How to procrastinate less and get things done
  • How to live a healthier lifestyle

Our Approach

Following a successful chemistry meeting, clients normally commit to work between 6 and 12 months. Most of our executive coaching is conducted face-to-face, supplemented by phone calls and emails as requried. We can also travel to you if there is a need. We agree on a meeting schedule that works with your busy calendar and on coaching objectives at an early stage of an assignment. Feedback and achievement is reviewed throughout the assignment. Different people have different needs and we tailor our programs accordingly. In addition to the executive coaching sessions you will have access to the coach on phone and email. Our coaching conversations are always confidential.

Jaana as an Executive Coach

Jaana’s competencies as an executive coach include supporting leaders in global contexts and working with issues of high complexity, challenging situations, strategic change, communication, conflict management and high expectations of achieving goals. She also helps you to strengthen your personal efficiency, personal brand and communication skills. Jaana has extensive experience as a marketing/sales manager, vice president, senior consultant, trainer and executive coach for  global companies. Before she founded her own company 4Colours she worked year 2000—2006 at Kinnevik/MTG as a senior consultant. Her clients are executives, managers and teams in information technology, software, industrial technology, telecom, callcenters, pharmaceuticals, food, financial services, media, beauty products, higher education, government, design, games and consulting. Jaana is certified as a PCC Professional Certfied Coach by the ICF International Coach Federation. Jaana has received her coach training at Coachutbildning Sverige and the Academy of Executive Coaching (Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching) in England. She has an MBA Master of Business Administration at Henley Management College and is a Certified Futurist from Kairos Future as well as a Marketing Economist. In addition she received a  training as an art therapist, training in global coaching at Rosinski & Company as well as training in ecommerce at Nordic Ecommerce Academy.  Jaana has 24 years of experience of international markets and 14 years of executive coaching and leadership development.


4Colours is a consulting firm offering executive coaching, career coaching as well as training and development for leaders and teams. 4Colours founded by Jaana Lindström, Executive Coach and Career Coach (Certified PCC coach, ICF) has a long experience of working with leaders in a global context with clear business focus and high performance requirements. Leaders working with virtual teams in cross-cultural environments. 4Colours consists of a network of consultants in training and development.

Global coaching and leadership development

4Colours’ customers come from many different businesses where the main working language is English. We therefore always offer our clients coaching, executive outplacement coaching and leadership development in both English and Swedish. Our methods and tools for career coaching is CV writing in English/Swedish, updating your LinkedIn profile, inventory of your key competencies, preparing job interview questions, interview training and portrait photography for CV and LinkedIn. For executive coaching we also use tools as leadership coaching, presentation skills, communication in virtual teams, creative idea development, personal branding, business intelligence and future strategy. We deliver training in coaching leadership, speaking skills, communication skills as well as in constructive conversations and feedback.

Our clients

In today’s business world, global leaders must handle a growing number of challenges that call for critical transformations. Our clients are leaders and organisations that  need to keep pace with the increasing demands of delivering ever greater profits. Clients fall into several categories: executives and leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs as well as high-performing individuals.

Our methods

We apply an integrated approach to executive coaching and leadership development bringing together a range of perspectives. We draw on perspectives gained from leadership theory, psychology, coaching approaches, future strategy and idea development. We know that coaching and development at a high level requires courage at both sides of the table and we have the experience of operating at senior levels. These are combined with the insights gained from our executive coaching across many different organisations.

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Jaana Lindström, Executive Coach