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Jaana Lindström

Do you need a change?

You know that the time is right for your next step. Do you have a job that does not inspire you and would you like to work with something that gives you more energy?

Do you wish to make the right choices next time?

You know that you want to find out what you would like to work with. Have you made conscious choices or have you found the jobs by chance?

What do you really want?

During her fourteen years as a coach Jaana has met many coaching clients who wanted to take the next step, make a career change or change industry. What has been common for these people is that they have had difficulties to find out what they want to do next. Jaana searched for a book that could support this coaching process, but found none. Therefore Jaana decided to write the book herself together with her colleague and journalist Tia Jumbe and they published the book “What do you really want” in Swedish in 2012.

As a career coach Jaana uses her experience of having met many people with different backgrounds asking themselves the question “What do I really want?”. From all her collaborations with recruitment agencies and headhunters she has also learned what they would like to see in a CV or how they search for potential candidates on LinkedIn.

Jaana’s main expertise as a career coach is to strengthen your communication skills by clarifying your personal brand, improving your speaking skills as well as training you for job interviews. As a futurist she will help you see more clearly how the job market could look like in the future – what could happen with your business, your profession or your area of expertise? And how could you prepare for the future? Jaana has also worked with leadership development for many years so if you are manager she can help you strengthen your leadership skills. Or maybe you work as a manager and are considering of being a specialist. She can also help you if you have not worked as a manager, but you are curious to find out what it takes to get a management job.

Here are some of the tools we use in the career coaching:

What do you really want?

The exercises and the coaching structure from Jaana’s book “What do you really want?” is used. The Swedish title is “Vad vill du egentligen? Skapa din bästa framtid” and available at A translated version in English will soon be available.

How to write a CV and cover letter

In English/Swedish. How to write an effective CV and cover letter so that recruitment agencies and headhunters want to meet you. We help you with the structure as well as clarifying what you can do for the bottom line, your key competencies and future intentions.

How to use LinkedIn and build your network

In English/Swedish. LinkedIn ( has become a vital tool for being found by recruitment agencies and headhunters.
We help you with the latest tips what you need to do with your LinkedIn account to be found and how you could build your network.

How to map your career options

If you could choose, what career change would you like to do? Where would you like to work? We help you map your career options both short-term as well as long-term. We also look at how the career change could be more in line with your personal life. 

How to apply for a job

The job market has changed radically the last few years and strategies you may you have used earlier may not apply today. The success factor lies in knowing what is needed for today’s job market and trying different strategies. The competition can be very high applying for a job, so it is often a good idea to contact companies and organisations directly where you would like to work.

How to approach recruitment agencies and headhunters

Not only the job market has changed but also the recruitment business and how they work. We help you with strategies how to market yourself to recruitment agencies and headhunters so that they want to meet you. 

How to build your personal brand

Your personal brand and your image is vital from that you send the CV, get in touch with the recruitment agency or headhunter to all interviews you are invited to. In order to clarify your personal brand we practice both written and verbal communication. What do you need to clarify as to who you are, what you want, where you are going and what is important to you? 

How to prepare for job interviews

Today you need be a skilled communicator at job interviews and this requires the right strategies as well as improving your speaking skills. We help you to strengthen your interview and presentation skills. You get feedback on how you present yourself and guidance on how to handle interviews and tough questions.

How to use photography as a tool for personal branding

Do you have a professional photo on your CV and on LinkedIn? In our coaching programs we offer portrait photography for clients who need a professional photo for their CV and LinkedIn profile. Photography can also be used for defining your personal brand and to decide what first impressions they want to make.

How to build your social networks and LinkedIn

What do you need to build your social networks – online as well as offline? The job market has changed and much of your success will depend on your social networks and relationships. Do you have the social networks needed for the future? LinkedIn is an invaluable resource so we help you a strategy how to use LinkedIn in the best way.

How to improve your presentation skills

At interviews you need to present yourself, your skills and your intentions in a clear way. Do you need to improve your verbal presentation skills or to improve your confidence level? We help you to be more clear and concise in meetings with important stakeholders.

How to prepare for the future

What do you know about your future in the next few years? What will happen with your company, business area or your position? Are you prepared for future changes? We help you prepare for the future with the help of trends analysis and scenarios to find out what will happen in your area you are working.

Outplacement services

We offer organisations outplacement services for the transition of individuals to new career opportunities. The employee(s) will receive career assessment and assistance with CV development, interview skills and job search strategy. We custom-design a package for your organisation’s needs.

What is the next step?

Career coaching and outplacement coaching are offered to both individuals and organizations and is tailored to your specific needs. After a first contact on email or on the phone we book our first meeting face-to-face. Primarily we will make a needs analysis and see if coaching is right for you. If you can’t make it face-to-face we will have the meeting on the phone or on Skype. After the first meeting we decide together what coaching program will be best to you and the coaching is tailor-made according your needs.

Jaana as a Career Coach

Jaana’s competencies as a career coach include supporting leaders in global contexts and working with issues of high complexity, challenging situations, strategic change, communication, conflict management and high expectations of achieving goals. As a career coach she also helps you to strengthen your personal efficiency, personal brand and communication skills.

Jaana has extensive experience as a marketing/sales manager, vice president, senior consultant, trainer and executive coach for  global companies. Before founding her own company 4Colours she worked year 2000—2006 at Kinnevik/MTG as a senior consultant. Her clients are executives, managers and teams in information technology, software, industrial technology, telecom, callcenters, pharmaceuticals, food, financial services, media, beauty products, higher education, government, design, games and consulting.

Jaana is certified as a PCC Professional Certfied Coach by the ICF International Coach Federation. Jaana has received her coach training at Coachutbildning Sverige and the Academy of Executive Coaching (Diploma in Advanced Executive Coaching) in England. She has an MBA Master of Business Administration at Henley Management College and is a Certified Futurist from Kairos Future as well as a Marketing Economist. In addition she received training as an art therapist, training in global coaching at Rosinski & Company as well as training in ecommerce at Nordic Ecommerce Academy.  Jaana has 24 years of experience of international markets.


4Colours is a consulting firm offering executive coaching, career coaching as well as training and development for leaders and teams. 4Colours founded by Jaana Lindström, Executive Coach and Career Coach (Certified PCC coach, ICF) has a long experience of working with leaders in a global context with clear business focus and high performance requirements. Leaders working with virtual teams in cross-cultural environments. 4Colours consists of a network of consultants in training and development.

Coaching and leadership development both in English and Swedish

4Colours works with many different businesses where the working language is English. We therefore always offer our clients coaching, outplacement coaching and leadership development in both English and Swedish.

Our methods and tools for career coaching is CV writing in English/Swedish, updating your LinkedIn profile, inventory of your key competencies, preparing job interview questions, interview training and portrait photography for CV and LinkedIn.

For executive coaching we also use tools as leadership coaching, presentation skills, communication in virtual teams, creative idea development, personal branding, business intelligence and future strategy.

We deliver training in coaching leadership, speaking skills, communication skills as well as in constructive conversations and feedback.

Our clients

In today’s business world, global leaders must handle a growing number of challenges that call for critical transformations. Our clients are leaders and organisations that  need to keep pace with the increasing demands of delivering ever greater profits. Clients fall into several categories: executives and leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs as well as high-performing individuals.

Our methods

We apply an integrated approach to coaching and development bringing together a range of perspectives. We draw on perspectives gained from leadership theory, psychology, coaching approaches, future strategy and idea development. We know that coaching and development at a high level requires courage at both sides of the table and we have the experience of operating at senior levels. These are combined with the insights gained from our coaching across many different organisations.

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Jaana Lindström, Career coach & Executive coach