Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

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Jaana LindströmWelcome to 4Colours! Jaana Lindström
MBA/Executive Coach/PCC Certified Coach

4Colours is a consulting firm offering executive coaching, leadership coaching, career coaching, outplacement coaching as well as training for leaders and teams. 4Colours based in Stockholm, Sweden, was founded by Jaana Lindström, MBA and Executive (Certified PCC coach, ICF International Coach Federation) who has a long experience of working with leaders in global contexts with clear business focus and high performance requirements as well as leaders working with virtual teams in cross-cultural environments. 4Colours consists of a network of consultants in training and development and co-operates with headhunters and global providers of executive coaching and education. Jaana is a Leadership Solutions Associate for Center of Creative Leadership which is ranked as Number 4 in leadership development globally.


Executive coaching and leadership development in global contexts

4Colours’ customers come from many different businesses in global contexts where the working language mainly is English. We therefore always offer our clients coaching, outplacement coaching and leadership development training and faciliation in both English and Swedish.

Executive coaching and leadership coaching provides one-on-one custom leadership development for senior managers and mid to senior level executives. The reasons for having an executive coach could be different dependent on the needs of the executive and the organisation. It could for example be about having a professional sounding board outside of the company to get new perspectives and constructive feedback, taking on new leadership responsibilities, dealing with complex challenges, motivating and retaining direct reports, getting greater impact when communicating to people or achieving high-performance goals.

We use tools as personal branding, leadership coaching, presentation skills, communication in virtual teams, team development, creative idea development, feedback and assessments, stress management, time management and future strategy. Executive coaching may include a boss-alignment session between the coach, coachee and the supervisor to agree on goals and link to 360 and other assessments. On-site observations such as shadowing may also be included as well as interviewing peers and direct reports to get more extensive feedback on behavioural changes, impact and results.

Our methods and tools for career coaching and outplacement coaching may include CV writing in English/Swedish, updating your LinkedIn profile, personal branding, career planning, networking strategies, inventory of your key competencies, strengths and development areas, analysing the global job market, preparing job interview questions, marketing yourself to global headhunters, interview training and portrait photography for CV and LinkedIn.

We deliver training and leadership development in coaching leadership , speaking skills, communication skills, creativity and innovation as well as in constructive conversations and feedback with your direct reports and peers.

Our clients

In today’s global business world,  leaders must handle a growing number of complex challenges that call for critical transformations. Our clients are leaders and organisations that  need to keep pace with the increasing demands of delivering ever greater profits and results. Clients fall into three categories: executives and leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs as well as high-performing individuals.Our job is to help them succeed in taking on new leadership responsibilities.

Our methods in executive coaching and leadership development

We apply an integrated approach to coaching and development bringing together a range of perspectives. We draw on perspectives gained from leadership theory, psychology and personal development, executive coaching and team coaching, future strategy and idea development. We know that coaching and development on a high level requires courage from both sides and we have the experience of operating at senior levels. These are combined with the insights gained from our executive coaching and team coaching across many different organisations.